4x100: Correndo por um Sonho4x100: Correndo por um Sonho
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4x100: Correndo por um Sonho

A group of women strive to win a medal at the Tokyo Olympics, discovering their unity despite differences.


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Five women in pursuit of a dream: to win a medal at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. However, they end up discovering that their differences are what unite them and not the final goal. '4x100: Running for a Dream' is an exciting movie, as it really feels like we are accompanying a sports competition, and it manages to show real characters - free of stereotypes and prejudices. Thalita Carauta, Fernanda de Freitas, Roberta Alonso - who wrote the movie's script - Cintia Rosa and Priscila Steinman are the protagonists. Each one, in her own way, manages to convey feminine feelings that transcend the screen and make the production very powerful. '4x100: Running for a Dream' manages to be a feminist work that never mentions it, giving lightness and naturalness to the cause. It is not necessary to militate or force to pass the message of an ideal struggle or cause.



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Plot summary

The women's athletics (4x100m relay) is about to win a gold medal at the 2016 Olympic Games, the Brazilian victory is almost certain and the athletes are one step closer to what would be a milestone. If only one fatal error hadn't put off their dreams: the carelessness of the young Maria Lucia causes the group to be disqualified.

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