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Life in a Day 2020

A young couple navigates a long-distance relationship during the pandemic.


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Sequel to the feature film released in 2011, 'Life in a Day 2020' seeks to bring snippets of everyday life and reality. To do this, director Kevin Macdonald assembles a mosaic of videos made by people on July 25th, 2020. People like you and me, ordinary people, showing what they did on that specific day. Thus, 'Life in a Day 2020' is both moving and exciting, becoming a window into the world in a year when the new coronavirus pandemic has taken hold of people's minds and hearts. The most interesting thing, however, lies in the complexity of themes that arise throughout the 90 minutes: there are marriage proposals, breakups, moments of mourning, joy, cute animals, people facing the pandemic and more. It's too beautiful. It's as if the universe gave us the chance to look a little bit at what life is out there.



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Life In A Day 2020 will call on millions of people around the world to film their lives on July 25.

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