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A Romanian teen rebels against Ceausescu's regime with graffiti, leading to his capture and torture.


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'Uppercase Print' is a great feat for being such a well-done adaptation of theater, very different from what we're used to seeing in Hollywood productions - especially the more recent Netflix ones like 'Graduation Party' and 'The Boys in the Band', which end up tiring the viewer with slow pacing and excessive dialogue. Romanian director Radu Jude managed to find an ideal balance between theater and cinema. Of course, it's not completely dissociated from the idea that 'Uppercase Print' was a narrative made to be a play, but the merit is also appreciated on television. It is important to emphasize that this is not a conventional movie and this only makes everything even more interesting in this production from Romania.



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The story of Mugur Calinescu, a Romanian teenager who wrote graffiti messages of protest against the regime of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and was subsequently apprehended, interrogated, and ultimately crushed by the secret police.

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