Dear Comrades!Dear Comrades!
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Dear Comrades!

A devout party activist witnesses a massacre during a worker's strike in 1962 Soviet Union.


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Dorogie tovarishchi! Workers in Struggle is one of the hardest feelings to experience is the despair of when things are crumbling, coming to an end, concluding a routine or some kind of expectation. Or, even when some political system is ending, closing the curtains. About socialism and communism, something very interesting can already be seen in the exceptional 'Goodbye, Lenin'. Now, Russian Andrei Konchalovsky ('Paradise') talks about the end of communism in the Soviet Union, in 'Dear Comrades!', precisely from this prism: that of the feeling of things crumbling. The protagonist is Lyudmila, a Communist Party official who, in the Gorbachev era, is confronted with the regime attacking and even killing demonstrators who are staging an unexpected strike. It is a raw and realistic film, as can be seen in recent Russian cinema, playing with the audience's emotions all the time. The slowness of some moments hinders immersion, but it is certain that Konchalovsky did an excellent job as a director - never being anti-communist or pro-communism, just criticizing the system all the time.



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When the communist government raises food prices in 1962, the rebellious workers from the small industrial town of Novocherkassk go on strike. The massacre which then ensues is seen through the eyes of a devout party activist.

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