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Cine Marrocos

Homeless immigrants and refugees reenact classic films in an abandoned cinema facing eviction.


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Reminiscent of Eliane Caffé's artistic exercise in 'Era o Hotel Cambridge', the feature film 'Cine Marrocos' also speaks about occupations and, above all, about the art, life and possibilities of those people. Here, filmmaker Ricardo Calil ('Narciso em Férias', a film about Caetano Veloso) takes advantage of a group of hundreds of people who settled in the old Cine Marrocos, in São Paulo -- without any social, commercial or housing purpose for years. From this, Calil, in a shrewd move, proposes for these people to recreate scenes from classic films that were shown on the screen of that cinema in its golden age, such as Jean Renoir's 'La Grande Illusion' and Ingmar Bergman's 'The Circus'. There was room for some more questions, but the film is accurate in moving and reflecting on the lives of those people who live on the margins of society, always treated uncertainly, with an abandoned historical cinema and without purpose.



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Homeless, immigrants and refugees occupy an abandoned cinema and reenact scenes from classic movies shown there 60 years before. Facing the threat of eviction, they go on a journey from life to fiction, from three to two dimensions.

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