The Secret Diary of an Exchange StudentThe Secret Diary of an Exchange Student
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The Secret Diary of an Exchange StudentMovie on Netflix

Two best friends go on an exchange student adventure, but can they stay out of trouble?


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Larissa Manoela, Thati Lopes, and Bruno Montaleone are well known in the Brazilian media and here they kickstart their international career by embarking on 'Diários de Intercâmbio', a national comedy with Netflix's seal. This movie was clearly made for the global market, with a theme that the United States is the epicenter of the world in contrast to the criticism that Latin America receives from North Americans. It's a movie for the young audience, which brings good points about life abroad and also about maturity. However, a demerit of the story is the protagonist's involvement with an old man. Even if it makes some sense in the narrative, it could have been inserted without the romantic interest - maybe it wouldn't have the same impact, but still, it's a bit problematic. Apart from that, the story has a great twist, which manages to be quite shocking.



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Looking to shake things up, two best friends embark on a life-changing adventure abroad as exchange students. But can they stay out of trouble?

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