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A prison guard in São Paulo struggles with the moral dilemmas of his job.


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"Encarcerados", inspired by the book "Carcereiros" by Drauzio Varella, is more than an observational film about prison life. Directed by Fernando Grostein Andrade ("Abe"), Pedro Bial and Claudia Calabi, the feature film shows how prison guards face the modern dilemmas of prison routines, such as their relationship with prisoners, the nuances of this job, and even how they had to adapt their daily routine after an agreement between the government of the state of São Paulo and the First Command of the Capital (PCC). It's a delicate and well-directed movie, bringing (albeit not in-depth) discussions to the viewer's lap, showing that prisons can no longer be an institution that works. Good to watch with an open mind, understanding how these spaces have lost their character of rehabilitation to be merely punitive.



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Reveals the real, day-to-day life of penitentiary officers from São Paulo, Brazil.

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