Os Conselhos da Noite

José Oliveira

121 min

Os Conselhos da NoiteOs Conselhos da Noite


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Portuguese drama about a disgruntled ex-journalist who returns to his hometown of Braga, in northeast Portugal. He is surprised by the evolution of the region, very different from when he was a child. Director José Oliveira takes us on a journey through the area in a nocturnal film, showing that sometimes the best part of the day is night. The dynamic between the characters Roberto (Tiago Aldeia) and Vicente (Adolfo Luxúria Cabral) is the driving force of the story, it's hard to take your eyes off the screen when Cabral shows up. It may not be a movie that will stay in your memory for days, but it is certainly an entrance door to Portuguese cinema and good dramas that don't need big laments to work well.



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Roberto, a retired and disappointed journalist, leaves his work in a farm and goes back to his hometown, Braga, which he thinks will be his last hiding place. However, in returning, he feels a strong energy in the city and between journeys to the past and an intense night life, a new chapter arises.

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