August 32nd on EarthAugust 32nd on Earth
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August 32nd on Earth

A model asks her friend to impregnate her at the salt flats after a near-death experience.


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This is the debut feature film by Denis Villeneuve, who would later be recognized worldwide for his work on films such as 'Arrival' and 'Blade Runner 2049', among others. 'Un 32 août sur terre' follows a woman who, after an accident that almost took her life, begins to rethink everything and decides she wants to be a mother. She asks a friend to impregnate her, under the condition that the conception must take place in the desert, so they travel from Montreal to Salt Lake City. It's an eccentric premise and an unconventional "love" story. Villeneuve already shows great ability to convey big messages with his staging, without dialogue being necessary. A road movie with a more transcendental and ambiguous tone than what would come later in the director's filmography.



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After surviving a car wreck virtually unscathed, a young model compels her best friend to impregnate her at the salt flats in Utah.

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