A Knight's TaleA Knight's Tale
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A Knight's Tale

A commoner poses as a knight to compete in jousting tournaments and falls in love with a princess.


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Viewed with modern eyes, A Knight's Tale is the kind of movie that, thanks to its truly innocent ambition and perfect cast, manages to transcend all its clichés and flaws to become a modern classic. The movie tells the story of William Thatcher (the already legendary Heath Ledger in one of his most beloved performances), a peasant who, with his enormous talent for jousting, manages to pass himself off as a knight among the nobles, fighting to make his place in history. Its mix of anachronistic pop references and its idealized vision of the medieval era wasn't everyone's cup of tea, but that's precisely what has given it its enduring charm, in an age where movies are becoming increasingly complicated and less innocent. In other words: if you like simpler times medieval movies, here you'll find a 21st century production that fits the description perfectly (except, of course, for the use of a soundtrack with rock classics, like Queen's "We Will Rock You" or David Bowie's "Golden Years").



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After serving a number of years as a squire, an earnest young commoner poses as a knight and establishes himself in the jousting tournaments of Europe. He and a princess fall in love, but she is unaware of his deceit and common roots. The false knight is estranged from the princess once his true roots are revealed. He struggles to amend their relationship.

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