The BanishingThe Banishing
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The Banishing

A reverend and his family move into a cursed mansion with terrifying secrets.


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Movies about haunted houses with tragic pasts, there are many, and while 'The Banishing' doesn't bring something new to the table, it's a very well-made production within its genre. Directed by Christopher Smith (‘Tides of Fate’) and starring Jessica Brown Findlay (‘Downton Abbey’), the movie follows a reverend and his family during the 1930s, whose idyllic existence in their new home is disturbed by a sinister discovery. The production was selected for the Sitges Film Festival (one of the most important for fantasy and horror cinema), and will satisfy fans of gothic terror.



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A young reverend, his wife and daughter move into a mansion that keeps a terrible secret: an unparalleled curse that will open the door to the most terrible nightmares.

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