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The Wolf House

A young woman escapes a religious cult and finds refuge in a mansion with two pigs, but the house transforms into a dark and menacing world.


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This stop motion animation masterpiece (the first feature-length of its kind in Chile) is the type of movie best described as an experience that is both captivating and disturbing. 'La Casa Lobo' starts off like a fairytale, where a girl escapes from a German religious cult and finds refuge in a mysterious house, which is taken care of by two pigs who slowly start to turn into humans. Meanwhile, the house responds to the girl's feelings and transforms into a nightmarish world. Inspired by the sinister story of Colonia Dignidad, a torture center from Pinochet's era, the film is a powerful parable of a collective psyche that seeks to repress, right before our eyes, a brutal and intolerable reality. It's an incomparable sensory experience, created at the wonderful intersection between horror, surrealism, fantasy, and politics, so it is recommended to watch this on the biggest screen and with the best audio possible.



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After escaping from a religious colony in Chile, Maria seeks shelter in a mansion where she’s taken in by two pigs, its only inhabitants. Like in a stop-motion dream, the universe of the house reacts to her feelings. The animals slowly morph into humans and the house into a dark, menacing world.

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