The Final WishThe Final Wish

The Final Wish

A young man discovers a mysterious object that grants wishes, but at a high price.

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Since the 'Supernatural' franchise, Lin Shaye seems to have found her niche in horror. In 'The Final Wish' it's no different: the actress offers her talent in an interesting story about the power of grief to blur the boundaries of reality. The story is led by Michael Welch, who has become a familiar face for his participation in 'Twilight', and tells the journey of a young man who discovers a strange object from his deceased father that grants wishes. What starts as a gift soon turns into a terrible nightmare - with scares and terrifying figures. The movie may be a bit slower than conventional horror, but makes up for it in an interesting script with psychological horror vibes.



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Plot summary

From the creators of Final Destination. With Lin Shaye. After his father's death, Aaron returns home to help his grieving mother confront the past. He finds a mysterious object that can grant wishes, but beware – the price can be high.

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