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Stars at Noon

An American journalist and an English businessman fall in love amidst political turmoil in Nicaragua.


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Stars at Noon, directed by Claire Denis, is a slow-burning drama that follows a young American journalist stranded in present-day Nicaragua who falls for an enigmatic Englishman who seems like her best chance of escape. Margaret Qualley and Joe Alwyn deliver powerful performances that keep the audience engaged, despite the film's frustratingly sedate pace. Denis' formidable control of her craft is evident in the film's stunning visuals and atmospheric score. However, the film falls short on romantic sparks, leaving the audience wanting more. Overall, Stars at Noon is a well-crafted drama that showcases Denis' signature style and the talent of its cast, but it may not be for everyone due to its slow pace. If you're a fan of Denis' previous works or enjoy character-driven dramas, Stars at Noon is worth checking out.



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Plot summary

A young American journalist (Margaret Qualley) stranded in present-day Nicaragua seduces an enigmatic Englishman (Joe Alwyn) who seems like her best chance of escape. She soon realizes, though, that their torrid affair has only put her in more danger. A stunning erotic thriller from acclaimed filmmaker Claire Denis.

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