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Harper's attempt to heal from trauma turns into a nightmare in an eerie English village.


Why watch this film?

In 2014, filmmaker Alex Garland became a kind of sensation among cinephiles because of 'Ex Machina', an intelligent feature film about technology, artificial intelligence and the advancement of machines. However, afterwards, the British director was unable to repeat the feat with 'Annihilation'. Thus, 'Men' becomes a defining film in his career. The plot follows the story of Harper (Jessie Buckley), a woman who has just gone through a traumatic experience: not only did she have an abusive relationship, but she also saw her husband die right in front of her. In search of solutions, she rents a house in the English countryside looking for a little more peace and, who knows, forgetting these events. 'Men' starts off very well: not only is Buckley ('I'm Thinking of Ending Things') really good in this surrealistic character, trying to deal with traumas while everyone around her works against this overcoming. The scenes with Rory Kinnear ('The Imitation Game') help to further boost the good initial experience with the feature film. In addition, Garland creates an interesting atmosphere of terror. Not only by the game of green and red colors, contrasting the sensations according to the environments in which Harper is, but also by interesting light games and scary visual jokes. The mysterious and naked man who appears at the beginning creates some truly terrifying scenes. However, gradually, it embraces the same tone adopted in 'Annihilation': surrealism mixed with a social story about machismo and abusive relationships, while signs sprinkle the plot and make it difficult to understand. A movie that should leave people on edge.



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Plot summary

In this new feverish horror from filmmaker Alex Garland, a woman travels to the English countryside after a personal tragedy. Gradually the village becomes more and more strange and her rest becomes a nightmare of her darkest memories and fears.

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