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A biologist joins a dangerous mission to uncover the truth about her husband's disappearance.


Why watch this film?

'Annihilation' is worthy of merit for its mix of genres: science fiction, horror, drama, and adventure all come together in a production with a great cast, including names like Natalie Portman and Oscar Isaac, for example. Ambitious, the film bears the signature of Alex Garland (of 'Ex Machina: Artificial Instinct') and succeeds in delivering an interesting visual and good scares, as well as taking the audience on the proposed adventure. Perhaps what is lacking is a greater development of the characters and the screenplay itself. Even so, it deserves to be seen by fans of this type of feature film.



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Plot summary

A biologist and former solider, joins a mission to uncover what happened to her husband inside Area X – a sinister and mysterious phenomenon that is expanding across the American coastline. Once inside, the expedition discovers a world of mutated landscape and creatures, as dangerous as it is beautiful, that threatens both their lives and their sanity.

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