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The Tsugua Diaries

Three friends build a butterfly garden during Covid 19 isolation in Portugal.


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The premise of 'Diários de Otsoga' is quite simple: Crista, Carloto and João build a butterfly garden together. It is from this that directors Miguel Gomes and Maureen Fazendeiro construct a plot that straddles the line between fiction and documentary as it speaks of the routine of these three friends in an environment that is revealed and transformed, much like a caterpillar in a cocoon to become a butterfly. Sensitive and with an increasingly unexpected depth, 'Diários de Otsoga' convinces with its simplicity and performances that bring the necessary naturalness to a film that speaks of such banal, yet still extraordinary, aspects of everyday life. A movie to watch, be inspired by and, of course, reflect.



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Plot summary

During the social isolation of Covid 19, Crista, Carloto and João live a long summer in the interior of Portugal and fill the uncertainty of the days by building a butterfly garden.

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