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Training Day

A veteran and corrupt cop mentors an idealistic rookie, blurring the line between cop and criminal.


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Already a classic of 2000s cinema, "Training Day" is a crime thriller that calls into question notions of police ethics. Denzel Washington stars as Alonzo Harris, a veteran and corrupt police officer with questionable methods in his fight against drug trafficking in Los Angeles. The audience sees this contrast of ideals through Jake Hoyt (Ethan Hawke), an idealistic rookie assigned to work with Harris. During his "training day," Hoyt is dragged into Harris' spiral of corruption and destruction. Even if the ending isn't entirely satisfying, the rest of the movie is well worth watching, with great performances from both Hawke and Denzel Washington in one of his unusual (but powerful) villain roles.



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Working undercover is a job. And an attitude. A mad dog narco cop blurs the line between cop and criminal as he mentors an idealistic rookie partner during his Training Day.

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