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A Parisian mechanic, a caretaker, a writer, and the director explore their shared experiences on the RER B train.


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How many people do we cross paths with every day? We ride the subway, take the bus, walk down the street, share seats in a park and, if we stopped to think about it, we would realize that we share moments of our lives with hundreds of people without questioning all that we have in common. 'Nous' (French for “we”) is an elegant and sophisticated documentary that looks at the things that unite people who seem to have nothing to do with each other: an immigrant mechanic, a caretaker, a writer, and the film's director, Alice Diop. From the most intimate yet shared details of so many people, the film becomes a very detailed, emotional and epic exploration of the French multicultural project, where a rich diversity persists despite marginalization.



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A kaleidoscopic portrait of people from the Parisian suburbs, their lives and work connected by the RER B commuter train that cuts through the city from north to south. A migrant mechanic, a care worker for the elderly, a writer, and the director herself, all make up the “we” of the title.

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