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Four friends reunite for a drinking game, but it comes with supernatural stakes.


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Imagine a mix between the comedy 'Perfect Strangers', the fantasy of 'Jumanji', and a big parable of 'Monopoly', with alcohol and mortal danger involved, and a modest budget execution. That can give you an idea of what to expect from 'A Game Between Friends' ('Gatlopp'), an indie comedy where four friends decide to get together for old times’ sake and get drunk playing a board game, except the game turns out to be more dangerous than they thought. Although the budget limitations are noticeable, the film is well-directed to take advantage of its handful of locations, modest special effects, and reduced cast (including Emmy Raver-Lampman of 'The Umbrella Academy'), so you'll enjoy it a lot if you want to watch something light without any major pretensions.



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Plot summary

A group of old friends reunites for a nostalgic evening of fun and games after a decade apart. After one too many, they decide to play a drinking game, but it's quickly revealed that this game comes with supernatural stakes. Mischief leads to mayhem, and the group realizes that if they can't come together to win the game by sunrise, they will be forced to play for eternity - in hell.

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