The Souvenir: Part IIThe Souvenir: Part II
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The Souvenir: Part II

A film student returns to London after tragedy to make her graduation film, navigating romantic entanglements and finding her voice amidst influences and impositions.


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Director Joanna Hogg continues the story started with 'The Souvenir', about the tumultuous romance that ended in tragedy between a young film student, Julie (Honor Swinton Byrne), and an older man, Anthony (Tom Burke). In 'The Souvenir: Part II', we pick up exactly where Julie's life left off: after Anthony's death, she returns to London to make her graduation film, determined to make it a method of exorcising her pain. Set in 1985, the feature takes place in an era of profound political and social changes for England. At the same time, it is deeply metatextual: it's a story about an artist learning to find her voice amidst influences and impositions, while making art out of her life experiences (and it should be remembered that both parts of 'The Souvenir' are inspired by Hogg's own experiences). Its slow pace of long, calculated shots may not be for everyone, but this is a film of undeniable beauty for those who appreciate it on its own terms.



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A moving and vibrantly funny story of young adulthood and young love, 'The Souvenir: Part II' follows Julie, an ambitious film student in 1980s London, through an intoxicating mix of romantic entanglements with friends and classmates; a decade-spanning epic and extraordinary portrait of a life lived through art.

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