Don't Make Me GoDon't Make Me Go
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Don't Make Me Go

A father with a terminal illness takes his daughter on a road trip to find her mother.


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Movies are constantly in the cinema where protagonists take a journey to rediscover the meaning of their relationships and strengthen bonds that seemed irreconcilable. However, although 'Don't Make Me Go' joins the list, the production carries out this narrative line in a much more intimate and minimalist way. John Cho ('Star Trek') leads the cast offering an engaging performance in a story about unconditional love between parents and children in the midst of a devastating situation: death. Going beyond the emotional aspect of the feature, director Hannah Marks successfully balances comedy and drama, along with warm cinematography and harmonious landscapes that will make you enjoy the journey like its characters.



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Plot summary

When a single father to a teenage daughter learns that he has a fatal brain tumor, he takes her on a road trip to find the mother who abandoned her years before and to try to teach her everything she might need over the rest of her life.

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