Mark, Mary & Some Other PeopleMark, Mary & Some Other People
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Mark, Mary & Some Other People

Acquaintances Mark and Mary try ethical non-monogamy in a modern take on relationships.


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A story like open relationships and marriages pushing for more social acceptance. Does it only work in a sexual context? That's the main question of 'Mark, Mary & Some Other People'. With a good soundtrack and funny dialogue, this movie could have thrown itself a bit since it brings such a broad subject. For an audience with an open mind, the production bets on a safe path, but can please those who like a sexual comedy. Without a doubt, the movie yields good laughs.



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Plot summary

Mark and Mary, acquaintances from college, run into each other at a drug store as Mary is buying a pregnancy test. The test is negative and the two wind up dating and rapidly falling for each other. Mark has a more traditional view of relationships and Mary's view is more modern and progressive. They try "ethical non-monogamy" at Mary's request, and create their own version of an open relationship, while also trying to balance their fledgling careers and friendships.

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