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Arthur Rambo

A writer's alter-ego threatens to ruin his promising career after hateful posts are exposed.


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The French movie 'Arthur Rambo: Hate on the Web' is a drama that reminds us of the popular saying "Appearances can be deceiving". At the peak of his career as a writer, Karim D. is the victim of a "cancellation" on social media. After offensive tweets that Karim posted in the past under the pseudonym Arthur Rambo come to light, his career collapses. With this premise, director Laurent Cantet manages to raise a very current social issue, launching a powerful critique of the "cancel culture". Its tense atmosphere makes this film an anguishing thriller where actor Rabah Nait Oufella perfectly conveys the gradual collapse of his character.



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A writer's career starts to implode after homophobic and anti-Semitic jokes posted on social media under a pseudonym are exposed. After all, is he the promising young man the literature world has fallen in love with or his hate-filled alter-ego? Based on a true story.

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