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O Palestrante

An accountant takes the place of a motivational speaker and must cheer up demotivated employees.


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Guilherme (Fábio Porchat) is tired of life. His wife (Letícia Lima) left him for someone else, and he got fired from his job due to a reorganization he himself devised... It's in this perfect storm that he suddenly decides to say he's someone else when he gets off a plane and sees all those strange name tags. Soon he starts pretending to be a motivational speaker called Marcelo and takes on the responsibility of leading lectures for a small plug company with demotivated employees and a boss (Dani Calabresa). Even though there's humor in this almost Kafkaesque plot, with Guilherme/Marcelo entering a world full of surprises and unexpected things popping up everywhere, the best part comes with the characters of Otávio Müller ('Benzinho') and Antônio Tabet ('Peçanha Contra o Animal'). The first one plays one of the company's employees, the other one a tough and not so humorous driver. It's hard not to laugh out loud in absurd situations, while Guilherme does everything he can to convince everyone of who he is (or isn't?) and deal with an unexpected love.



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Plot summary

When travelling to sign his dismissal letter, Guilherme, an accountant without perspective, takes the place of a guy named Marcelo, without knowing that he is a motivational speaker hired to cheer up the employees of a company. Guilherme must cheer everyone up, but maybe he also needs this new Marcelo to change his life.

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