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Alicia, a party girl, needs a husband to inherit her grandfather's fortune but fakes it instead.


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Procura-se is a Brazilian romantic comedy that conquers with its "cuteness". Inspired by Carina Rissi's book (author of Perdida), the film from HBO Max has as its main attraction the protagonists Klebber Toledo and Camila Queiroz. The actors form a coveted couple in real life and, here, they try to interpret characters who don't know each other (and don't like each other) -- so -- they don't have chemistry at first. The script, as well as the performances, work in a crescendo, gradually improving throughout the production. With easy resolutions, Procura-se does what it sets out to do: it entertains, arouses desire, and leaves the viewer with a silly smile.



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Plot summary

Alicia is a young party girl, orphan of both parents, who loses her grandfather with whom she lived. Owner of a fortune, he leaves an inheritance that she can only assume when she gets married – for him, a sign of his maturity. Disgusted with the condition established by him, Alicia creates an audacious plan and decides to get a fake husband.

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