Bank Robbers: The Last Great HeistBank Robbers: The Last Great Heist
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Bank Robbers: The Last Great HeistMovie on Netflix

A quartet of bank robbers detail their spectacular 2006 heist in revealing interviews.


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Renowned documentary filmmaker Matías Gueilburt returns to the ring to tell one of the most fascinating true stories from Argentine tabloids. 'Los Ladrones: La verdadera historia del robo del siglo' explores, without value judgments, with exclusive testimonies and attractive visual reconstructions, the robbery that inspired series like 'La Casa de Papel' and many other fiction films. The director managed to establish contact with the quartet who carried out the robbery and here are the unpublished interviews where they tell firsthand how and why they decided to carry out the famous (and criminal) robbery.



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Through revealing interviews, the perpetrators of Argentina's most famous bank robbery detail how, and why, they carried out the spectacular 2006 operation.

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