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Outside Noise

Daniela struggles with a liminal phase and seeks guidance from friends in Vienna.


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Do you know that awful feeling that arises when we don't know what to do? Not exactly in our day-to-day, in our routine, but in life - how to move forward from here, how to change, how to transform. That's the main sentiment of the German movie 'Outside Noise'. In the story, Daniela isn't sure what to do next or where to live. Mia is finishing a master's degree she started spontaneously. Together with Natascha, another friend who is thinking of moving to Vienna, they wander and talk. With only an hour long, the movie is swift while bringing deep reflections about existence and, above all, the pressure to make important decisions in life.



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Plot summary

Daniela is unsure about what to do or where to go next. Suffering a bout of insomnia, she is trying to find a way out of what she terms a “constant liminal phase.” She wanders around her neighborhood in Vienna and spends time with two friends, Mia and Natascha, visiting from Berlin.

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