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The Misfits

A newly divorced woman falls for an over-the-hill cowboy in early-sixties Nevada.


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At the end of her career, Marilyn Monroe was plagued by deep personal issues (including the decline of her marriage to playwright and screenwriter Arthur Miller), as well as a dependence on narcotics. These factors affected the filming of 'The Misfits', a movie that reunited her with director John Huston and which Miller had written for her to have a deeper dramatic role. This, however, was a source of conflict, as Monroe hated the fact that Miller had based Roslyn Tabor's character partially on her life. Nevertheless, despite the problems, Marilyn delivers one of the best performances of her career, as a newly divorced woman who impulsively decides to live with three men (Clark Gable, Eli Wallach and Montgomery Clift). Although it was a box office failure at the time, the film has been reassessed over time and appreciated for its empathy in portraying the profound melancholy, and the despair of its characters. 'The Misfits' was the last movie completed by Marilyn (and by Gable, her childhood idol). Due to her health issues, the actress was fired from the filming of Something's Got to Give and died of a barbiturate overdose two months later.



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A sexy divorcée falls for an over-the-hill cowboy who is struggling to maintain his romantically independent lifestyle in early-sixties Nevada.

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