Carta a mi madre para mi hijoCarta a mi madre para mi hijo
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Carta a mi madre para mi hijo

A time-traveling young woman discovers the power of femininity and history, culminating in a meeting on the Catalan coast.


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From director Carla Simón (winner of the Berlin Golden Bear for Alcarràs), Carta a mi madre para mi hijo is a short film that is part of the Miu Miu Women's Tales project, the Italian high fashion brand's initiative to bring together the best female filmmakers of the moment. Filmed while Simón was pregnant, the short film is an intimate tribute to her mother, to memory, and a warm attempt to immortalize the maternal bond through cinema. It is a simple, even scattered narrative at times, but very beautiful and moving.



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Plot summary

A young woman travels from the 60s to the present day, via the 80s, crossing the thresholds of femininity and history, until she meets Carla next to the blue sky of the Catalan coast.

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