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The Catholic SchoolMovie on Netflix

A Catholic school in Rome for upper-middle-class boys is attacked, revealing the dark side of Italian society.


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Directed by Stefano Mordini ('The Infidels'), 'La scuola cattolica' is an Italian film inspired by a real criminal scandal that happened in 1975: the Circeo massacre, in which Donatella Colasanti and Rosaria Lopez were raped, culminating in the murder of the latter. The story takes place inside and around the exclusive Italian school that gives its name to the case, where education and conservative values are promoted, in a portrait of the hypermasculine and repressive Italian society of the time. The success of the movie is the way it reconstructs Italy in the 1970s, although it is very mild in its condemnation of fascism - and its last act is as indulgent as it is exploratory. If you like films about real crimes and are curious about this particular case, this production may be for you.



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In late September 1975, a renowned Catholic school in Rome for sheltered, upper-middle-class boys is attacked in what became known as the Circeo Massacre. The film examines what triggered the violence.

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