No Outro Encontro VocêNo Outro Encontro Você
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No Outro Encontro Você

Four friends confront their frustrations and tensions at a New Year's celebration on a family farm.


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Following the style of 'God of Carnage', in which the discussion of two couples takes place in a single environment, 'No Other Encounter You' also talks about life encounters, full of ideas, thoughts, conversations and reflections. Here, specifically, Bia (Carol Tilkian) and her brother, Marcelo (Bruno Autran, from the series 'The Business'), meet near the New Year's Eve party at the family's country house that their father decided to sell after their mother's death. Also staying there is the couple of friends, Michele and Rodrigo (Julia Ianina, from 'Carandiru', and Geraldo Rodrigues, from 'Linha de Passe'). While they wait for the end of the year, the quartet rethinks their present moments, and the tension begins to worsen between them. With good ideas and provocations from director André Bushatsky ('Brasileiríssima'), the feature film brings a minimalist production, with few sets and characters, to talk about various topics and, with that, reflect on the pains and anxieties of contemporary life.



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Four friends meet at a farm for New Year's celebrations. As they confide their frustrations with their choices, congratulations for a good year are left aside.

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