Os SuburbanosOs Suburbanos
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Os Suburbanos

A suburban man pursues his dreams of becoming a successful singer while juggling a torrid affair and a family.


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The big screen version of the successful series 'Os Suburbanos' tells the pre-existing story of Jefinho (Rodrigo Sant'Anna), a young man from the Rio de Janeiro suburbs who dreams of making it big at any cost. Here, he is an unknown trying his luck in the pagode world alongside Wellinto (Babu Santana) and other characters typical of this universe. With its outrageous humor, following the style of other comedies from Globo Filmes, the feature film is tailor-made for those who like no-nonsense humor and rely heavily on physical jokes and stereotypes. Click here to read the interview with Rodrigo Sant'Anna and Babu Santana.



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Plot summary

Suburban Jeferson de Souza dos Santos does everything he can to find success as a singer in a pagode band. Having to divide himself between cleaning the swimming pool of the owner of a record company, having a torrid affair with his wife, being involved in a scam and still accepting the news in the family, Jefinho still finds time to compose the song that will definitely boost his musical career , the instant hit “Xavasca Guerreira”.

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