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Two commitment-phobic men navigate a hilarious and heartwarming relationship.


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There are fewer and fewer romantic comedies in theaters for various reasons - yet some still seek "innovation" to win back this audience. This is what 'Bros' proposes, a movie that, after productions such as 'Love, Simon' and 'Fire Island', brings (albeit late) an LGBTQIA+ couple as protagonists. More than that: the protagonists are openly gay, with one of them (Billy Eichner) being the co-writer. In addition to diversity, the feature film brings a funny story about the superficiality of relationships in the age of dating apps, how opposites attract and how loving is about overcoming differences and understanding the other. Although it may sound like a moral lesson at times (especially in the last third, more tiring), 'Bros' yields good laughs.



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Two men with commitment problems attempt a relationship.

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