Bem-vinda a QuixeramobimBem-vinda a Quixeramobim
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Bem-vinda a Quixeramobim

A wealthy influencer lies about her trip to Quixeramobim to save her reputation.


Why watch this film?

The city of Quixeramobim, in the interior of Ceará, is featured in the movie 'Welcome to Quixeramobim'. Directed by Halder Gomes (of 'Cine Holliúdy'), the comedy follows the story of Aimee (Monique Alfradique), an influencer heiress of a businessman involved in a corruption case. Without her father's money and her assets blocked, she will have to take refuge on a farm in Quixeramobim, the only property left for her to live in. The production shows the main tourist spots of the region, which the protagonist tries to pretend are different countries of the world for her followers. It is a fun plot and manages to go beyond the criticism that 'Fake Influencer', released shortly before, wants to convey.



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Plot summary

Daughter of a corrupt father, Aimée is a millionaire influencer whose assets are blocked and her only chance is to sell her inherited farm in the interior of Ceará. However, feeling ashamed of the situation, she begins to lie on social media about the trip.

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