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Raymond & Ray

Two estranged brothers reunite to fulfill their father's last wish and uncover their past traumas.


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There is a very specific type of movie that always reappears: one that speaks of relatives who come together because of the desire of someone who has just died. This is the case of "Raymond & Ray," an exclusive Apple TV+ movie directed by Colombian Rodrigo García ("Last Days in the Desert," "Albert Nobbs"). The story follows the journey of half-brothers Raymond (Ewan McGregor) and Ray (Ethan Hawke) as they reunite when their absent father dies and discover that his last wish was for them to dig his grave. Together, they reflect on life and society, bringing up discussions that García has shown he knows how to do—still with strong and natural performances from McGregor and Hawke.



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Plot summary

Two brothers share a name and a road trip to their estranged father's funeral. Reunited to carry out their father's last wishes to dig his grave, they dig deep into their past traumas and uncover the history of the man they both hate. Resentments, secrets, and memories flood in, presenting the brothers with a chance to reconcile their past and find forgiveness and a way forward. All the while, the question arises if one ever really knows their parents-and must your upbringing define who you are as an adult?

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