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The Big 4Movie on Netflix

A detective teams up with retired assassins to solve her father's murder and take down his killers.


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Comedies of action like 'Lethal Weapon' work because they involve an odd couple. Or, as is the case with this Indonesian Netflix movie, a very unequal group. 'The Big 4' is about a strict and moral police officer who, when her father is murdered, must join forces with four retired assassins to find the culprit. This is a high-budget and action-packed production for an Indonesian production, with sympathetic yet morally questionable anti-heroes involved in wild and violent situations (think 'Suicide Squad', but without superpowers).



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Plot summary

A by-the-book detective investigates the death of her father and follows a clue to a remote tropical island, only to find out his true identity as a leader of a group of assassins. Now hunted by his enemies, she has to team up with the crooks her father had trained - four retired, down on their luck assassins itching to get back in the game.

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