Little Nicholas' TreasureLittle Nicholas' Treasure
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Little Nicholas' Treasure

A mischievous gang of middle school friends plan a treasure hunt to prevent their leader from moving away.


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This charming French family comedy follows in the footsteps of all other films in the Little Nicolas franchise. Here, more specifically, we follow Nicolas living a perfect childhood world, mainly thanks to an inseparable group of friends known as "The Invincibles". But this world is at risk because his father is promoted and they will have to move to the south of France. To prevent him from being away from his friends, "The Invincibles" devise a treasure hunt. Sweet, 'Le trésor du petit Nicolas' shows how childhood dreams are enchanting and that these stories can even enchant those who are more adult. Emotion has no age.



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Plot summary

What Nicholas loves most is playing with his gang of middle school pals, The Invincibles. Adorable, yet mischievous, they have all sorts of adventures together and life could not be funnier. So when his dad gets promoted and announces that the family is relocating to the South of France, his world falls apart. Little Nicholas cannot live without his friends. But the pack has a plan to prevent this terrible relocation: a treasure hunt.

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