A Not So Merry ChristmasA Not So Merry Christmas
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A Not So Merry ChristmasMovie on Netflix

A man cursed to relive Christmas Eve learns the value of the holiday.


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Nothing worse for a person who has a birthday on Christmas. And what if you had to go through that 365 days a year? That's the premise of 'Reviviendo la Navidad', a Christmas movie from Netflix that mixes elements of the classic 'Feitiço do Tempo' with 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens. The story is about Chuy (Mauricio Ochmann), a man who hates Christmas but, due to a strange accident, wakes up several times on the same day (which is also his birthday), and must learn the value of the date in order to be able to break the time loop. Ochmann does the same thing as always and the production values will hardly put him among the best Christmas movies on Netflix, but the premise is intelligent and fun enough to enjoy a Christmas night with the family.



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Plot summary

In this heartwarming comedy, a grumpy man is cursed at Christmas time and wakes up a year later, only to find he's doomed to relive Christmas Eve over and over again.

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