How I Became a GangsterHow I Became a Gangster
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How I Became a GangsterMovie on Netflix

A disillusioned Polish gangster questions the meaning of his life.


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Polish crime thrillers have done very well on Netflix, with successes like 'Entre Frestas' and 'O 'W' da Questão', as well as 'Como Me Apaixonei por um Gângster'. The director of the latter, Maciej Kawulski, returns with 'Jak zostalem gangsterem. Historia prawdziwa', whose very simple title already anticipates what the story is about and where it is going. This simplicity translates to the aesthetic and narrative level, in a film clearly inspired by great gangster films such as 'The Goodfellas' or 'Snatch', but which underestimates the audience, explains everything and, on top of that, offers an idealized and little human protagonist. It's not the best option if you're looking for a good police movie, although it has its moments.



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A polish gangster discovers the senselessness of his life.

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