Me Chama que eu VouMe Chama que eu Vou
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Me Chama que eu Vou

The life of a Brazilian music icon, from his own perspective and those around him.


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Sidney Magal is undeniably one of the greatest names in Brazilian popular music. With his typical charm, always reminding his audience that he is an irremediable "Latin lover", he has made his mark on Brazilian culture and has a trajectory that must be celebrated. And that's exactly what the moving documentary 'Me Chama que eu Vou' does. Here, filmmaker Joana Mariani ('Todas as Canções de Amor') makes a celebratory film, with Magal being revered and allowing us, viewers and fans of the singer of 'Sandra Rosa Madalena', to get to know him better and enter his life and intimacy.



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Plot summary

The most significant moments in the life of the singer, dancer, actor and voice actor Sidney Magal who has become an icon of Brazilian popular music. The man behind the idol, from the point of view of the participants in the story.

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