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Spin Me Round

A restaurant manager wins a trip to Italy to meet her boss, but finds unexpected adventures.


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Charming and funny, 'Spin Me Round' is everything we expect from a movie with such a title: sunny, romantic, lively. In the story, the manager (Alison Brie) of an Italian food franchise is invited to take a trip to Italy, to meet not only the local culture, but also the creator of the brand she works for. There, obviously, a lot of things start to happen and love is in the air. In addition to Brie's good performance ('The Post: A Secret War', 'Sleeping with Other People'), the film features an intense Aubrey Plaza, as always, and supporting characters that remind us of the dynamics of 'The Office', bringing the weirdness and fun of the job market.



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Plot summary

A woman wins an all-expenses-paid trip to a company's gorgeous "institute" outside of Florence, and also the chance to meet the restaurant chain's wealthy and charismatic owner. She finds a different adventure than the one she imagined.

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