Beauty and the Beast: A 30th CelebrationBeauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration
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Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration

Belle embarks on a magical adventure to save her family from a curse.


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"Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration" is a delightful tribute to the classic story that has enchanted audiences for decades. Directed by Hamish Hamilton, the special features never-before-seen musical performances that pay homage to the iconic tale. The brand-new sets and costumes add to the magic of the story, creating a visually stunning spectacle that is sure to captivate viewers of all ages.The cast is top-notch, with H.E.R. as Belle, Josh Groban as the Beast, and Rita Moreno as Gaston. Martin Short provides the perfect narration, while David Alan Grier, Rizwan Manji, and Jon Jon Briones deliver standout performances as Lumière, Cogsworth, and LeFou, respectively.Although the special is a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the animated classic, it feels fresh and relevant. The blend of animation and live-action is seamless, and the musical performances are nothing short of breathtaking. Overall, "Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration" is a must-see for fans of the original film and anyone who loves a good musical.



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This two-hour animated and live-action blended special pays tribute to the original Disney Animation's "Beauty and the Beast" and its legacy by showcasing the fan-favorite movie, along with new memorable musical performances, taking viewers on a magical adventure through the eyes of Belle.

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