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Beautiful Disaster

A college freshman, Abby, resists her attraction to charming rebel and campus playboy, Travis.


Why watch this film?

Straight up: Beautiful Disaster is another teen version of Fifty Shades of Grey, a story that triumphed both in cinemas and bookstores. It's like the saga After, another successful franchise that jumped from the page to the screen, involving teenagers experiencing tension and attraction. This film, which is also an adaptation of a book, doesn't try to reinvent the wheel and follows the same narrative style: teenagers Abby (Virginia Gardner) and Travis (Dylan Sprouse) struggle with the day-to-day challenges of university life in Sacramento, USA. All the symbols, signs, and messages of this type of story are present, aiming to cause excitement among teenagers (the target audience for this kind of story), since they see Sprouse mostly half-naked on screen. Interestingly, perhaps out of learning, the movie is considerably better than After: it doesn't take itself too seriously all the time, eliciting moments of humor and having Sprouse and Gardner delivering great performances.



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Plot summary

Abby, a college freshman, tries to distance herself from her complicated past while resisting her attraction to Travis, a charming rebel and campus playboy.

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