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A woman's wish to be 18 again turns into a time loop. Can she break free?
    Jonatan Etzler
    One More TimeOne More Time


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    When we're young, we can't wait to grow up and live the adult life. But many adults also look back at the past with regret. 18 Again is a Swedish Netflix comedy about a woman who, on her 40th birthday, is hit by a truck and wakes up on her 18th birthday. She has a new chance to steer her life towards what she always wanted, but she realizes she's trapped in a time loop. It's like the classic 13 Going On 30, only reversed and through Groundhog Day. A captivating story of acceptance and reconciliation of ourselves that, while not really innovative, is still very entertaining.



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    Upon turning 40, Amelia makes a wish to go back to 18, but soon regrets it because she ends up reliving that birthday endlessly. Can she get out of this?

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