A Woman's LifeA Woman's Life
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A Woman's Life

A young aristocrat marries a miserly and unfaithful husband in 19th century Normandy.


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Selected for the Venice Film Festival (being chosen as the best film by critics) and nominated for two Cesar awards, this melancholic French drama portrays, with magnificent photography, the life of a woman in 19th century Normandy -- restricted by the harsh social and moral codes of the time. An exercise in reflection on times when gender equality was an even more distant dream.



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A tale of tormented love embedded in the restrictive social and moral codes of marriage and family in 19th century Normandy. Upon finishing her schooling in a convent, young aristocrat Jeanne marries local Viscount Julien de Lamare, who soon reveals himself to be a miserly and unfaithful husband.

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