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Another World

A man's loyalty to a multinational corporation is tested when he faces a crisis of conscience during a round of layoffs.


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Director Stéphane Brizé (At War) reunites with his go-to actor Vincent Lindon (Titane) for a scathing critique of the vices of corporate loyalty in the name of capitalism, and the high cost manifested as moral and personal erosion. A New World is the story of Philippe, a man who has devoted his life to a multinational company, at the expense of neglecting his marriage and relationship with his son. However, he faces a crisis of conscience when, amidst his divorce and his son's personal problems, he is pressured to carry out another round of layoffs. Lindon and Sandrine Kiberlain's (In Love With Your Wife) performances are phenomenal, in a drama that portrays the ever-increasing cost of working in increasingly indifferent corporations.



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Philippe has dedicated his life to the regional factory of a multinational, but at a high personal cost: he and partner Anne are separating, and he has a difficult relationship with his troubled son. When pressured to initiate another round of layoffs, Philippe is faced with a crisis of conscience.

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