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A young girl becomes a feminist martyr and key witness in a scandal involving businessmen and politicians.


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Acclaimed at the Venice Film Festival, Blanquita is an excellent Chilean drama based on the tumultuous events surrounding the Spiniak Case, a scandal of child abuse, political and media corruption uncovered in 2003 in Chile. The movie revolves around the titular character (Laura López), who becomes a key witness in the case, though her role in it is questioned as more truths come to light. An excellent production that delves into the darkness of manipulation, intrigue, and the grotesque human capacity to subjugate and abuse their fellow man, yet manages to do so without sensationalism.



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Blanca lives in a foster home for minors run by father Manuel. A sexual scandal involving businessmen and politicians puts Blanca and Manuel in the eye of the press, turning Blanca into a feminist martyr and key witness of the case.

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