Untold: Hall of ShameUntold: Hall of Shame
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Untold: Hall of ShameMovie on Netflix

Follow the rise and fall of Victor Conte, the head of BALCO lab, as he becomes a central figure in a major doping scandal.


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An installment of Netflix's documentary series "Untold," which presents some of the most controversial cases in the history of world sports. "Hall of Shame" narrates the story of Victor Conte, whose name is practically synonymous with one of the biggest doping scandals in the world of American sports. The documentary effectively presents the story of Conte and his supplement company, BALCO, which were seen as key players in significant doping cases involving baseball player Barry Bonds and athletes Marion Jones and Tim Montgomery. Without being brilliant or spectacular, it's simply one of the best installments of "Untold."



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Examine one of sports' biggest steroid scandals via interviews with the head of BALCO lab, athletes suspected of using performance-enhancing drugs and more.

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