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Cami must choose between her steady boyfriend, the one who got away, and the charming rock star.


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'Cami' is living the life of her dreams: she has landed the job she always wanted and is about to fulfill her dream of starting a perfect family with her boyfriend Paul. However, despite it all, something is missing. What is it? Is it a fear of commitment? Or is she really missing out on an even better career, maybe the singing career she always wanted to pursue? And is Paul the love of her life? This is the story of 'Choose Love’, an interactive romantic comedy that deals with the challenges of facing life head-on, with all its fears and apprehensions – which, it's worth saying, are normal and that everyone has. For some fun.



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The steady boyfriend. The one who got away. The charming rock star. Who will Cami choose? In this interactive rom-com, her love life is in your hands.

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